Cleaning Revolution You Need

The Robot Uprising:

Transformation from the cleaning disaster to a cleaning evangelist
The dust bunnies have bred like chickens and are taking over the house. Yesterdays dirty dishes are stacked in the sink while the pile of clothes to be ironed is in the corner and is growing a life of its own. Seeing the state of my living room makes me want to hide under the bed live in my misery for the rest of the days.

Well, this my friends, is what you’d term as the sense of a ‘pre-deadline rush’ kind of situation. A due date is approaching, more work is piling up, and cleaning turns into an adversary – a task to be done “later. ” But sooner turns into later and then into never, and before one knows it, the home staggers terrifyingly like an actual horror film set.

It could be a tale that I have penned myself this used to be my life story. Weekend cleaning was war against squadron of dirt and multitude of mess. This was in contrast to what reception showed me as I would spend entire evenings scrubbing, vacuuming, and organizing to only see the results disappear in what seemed like the blink of an eye. The frustration was real.

And then it came the revolution of robots. No, not the one with lasers and terminators albeit being less dangerous this is a rebellion where people want to help out. Now meet Rosie, my personal robot cleaner or more specifically, the robot vacuum cleaner. Now, Rosie might not be the most advanced piece of artificial intelligence but to someone like me she is a godsend. She wakes up early in the morning, and ensures that she has swept every corner of the house, vacuuming every stain as she cleans the apartment floor.

Those first few mornings with Rosie were. . . interesting. It was like having my own own personal nagging, tiny roommate that wouldn’t let me ignore things and get away with it. More than vague promises of wiping it out later. When Rosie began to sweep the floor and scrub the dishes, I felt this unexplainable eeriness that was quite surprising. How could I allow my apartment remain dirty when such a small robot was striving a lot?

Gradually, I stopped chocking the cleaning habits and started implementing those changes. Rosie was now able to take care of the dust and small crumbs of food that would be dropped on the floor each day making the cleaning endeavors more intense easier to handle. As I used the items, I realized that I needed to place them back on the shelves since the floor would be a menace to the little deer. It may seem ridiculous but Rosie turned into a mini cleaning encourager and I had someone to help me maintain the house clean.

Now, my weekends are not spent in washing, mopping and sweeping the entire house to get it clean. I then have time for activities I like, such as reading, meeting friends, or just having a leisure sitting around in a clean house. That is exactly why the robot uprising proved not to be quite as dreadful as initially feared. Perhaps it’s not taking over that’s the point, it is in making a better, cleaner, efficient world. Well, no one can dispute that, can we?

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