The Experience I Had With Horizon Seeker Drone

Reasons Why the Horizon Seeker Drone Might Be Your Perfect choice
Uncompromising Image Quality: 

This drone has one of the best cameras you are going to come across enabling you to capture high-definition photos and recording high quality and steady videos. Whether it is your first time shooting or if you are a professional, with the Horizon Seeker, expect fabulous aerial images to rival a professional drone. Share record breaking images of stunning land and cityscaps, bright and detailed moving sports scenes to inspiring panoramic photographs all from a completely new angle.

Effortless Flight for Everyone:

Smarter Than Your Average Drone: In a way that is quite literally assisted by the Horizon Seeker, the hassle has been eliminated from flying with intelligent flight modes. From waypoint missions programed before the flights to automated collision avoidance systems, the drone is for most parts autonomous. Novice clients do not require any skills to operate, making it possible for them to obtain incredibly nice aerial content, while skilled drivers can fully exploit them to be set on creating nice aerial footage.

Adventure-Ready Design:

Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Unlike huge models which feels like it weighs you down, the Horizon Seeker is portable and lightweight, making it your ideal companion while traveling. Stow it in your rucksack and set off on your next expedition assured that without breaking much of a sweat, you can shoot birds-eye views of your destination. Hike to new exciting waterfalls, take great shots of mountain ranges, or record your experience in a NEVER SEEN before manner.

Safety First, Skies Conquered:

Peace of Mind, Every Flight: Furthermore, safety is given a premium place with Horizon Seeker coming with auto-return to home facility and the latest obstacle detection systems. These intelligent features make you to free and explore the environment and take beautiful shots without having to worry of hitting something. It is your time to unleash your creativity while the Horizon Seeker focuses on the technical work and gets those shots for you.

Expand Your Creative Horizons:

A Playground for Imagination: It is more than merely a camera in the sky; the Horizon Seeker is a creative device where innovation becomes the focus in aerial captured shots. The features such as ActiveTrack, and Orbit intelligently assist the user in handling various cinematic shots. Experiment with different shots such as the time-lapse, slow-motion, among others to bring that magical feel into your video. As the Horizon Seeker I enable you to speak for yourself in a manner that was unimaginable before.

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