Sonic Boom A New Angle!

Sonic The Hedgehog:

A new legacy of Autotech The development of the sports car GT-R: A legacy of speed! Sonic Boom is it the next evolution?
Since the distant 80’s, the flashes of electrifying blue speed, Sonic the Hedgehog, was the icon of the game industry. Starring in lightning-fast runs through multi-hued terrains, standing for a never-ending fight against Dr. Eggman, Sonic games have always provided the generations with major entertainment and thrilling action.

Sonic Boom:

Laying Down New Directions – Preposterous Style and New Faces
Sonic Boom doesn’t start with pressure simply because the beloved hedgehog and his friends are back; it kicks off with pressure because it is changing things at the source. Visually the game has new and colorful look to it, different from the original Sonic look or design. Thus, this unforeseen opportunity of visual experience can be really refreshing for the fans as well as for newcomers.

However, it was nothing more than the surface of the interface that recently underwent changes. Sonic Boom brings in a set of entirely new characters starting from Sticks the Badger who is quite hyperactive. This creates new possibilities for events and interactions of characters, which yawns the fans of the Sonic series. Also, the concept of Sonic Boom transforms to some extent. Though speed remains a component in the game, the recreation focuses not only on exploration but also on the square style of the game depending on cooperative work. This is quite an unconventional experience for Sonic gamers with a sense of adding a twist and challenge for the players, especially for returning fanatics of the Sonic series.
That is why now Sonic Boom can become Your perfect Spin Dash for the following reasons:
While Sonic Boom takes a bold new direction, it offers exciting advantages that might make it the perfect game for you:While Sonic Boom takes a bold new direction, it offers exciting advantages that might make it the perfect game for you:

• Family-Friendly Fun:

Hang on tight, when Sonic Boom rolls off the production line; Sonic nostalgic fans will be thrilled and new enamored with the kind of game this offers to the player. The decreased brutality also comes in handy and the main focus on cooperation which makes it suitable for young players and children because they are able to play as a family. Picture how it will be when you solve levels together with your favorite Sonic characters, the reaction of the crowd and cheers.

• Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

Sonic relay team time for all sidekicks everywhere. Sonic Boom parts ways with the rip-off formula of the lone ranger and quite the opposite introduces the concept of cooperative gameplay. Cooperate with friends or relatives in undertaking the tasks, use advantages and talents that are in you and your accomplices, learn how it is enjoyable to overcome the difficult hurdles.

The Verdict: New Season Stop for the Old and New Fans

Therefore, is Sonic Boom the new generation of the Sonic series? Yes it does attempt to re-orient the franchise in a very exciting and daring manner. Sonic Boom, piloted by a bright art style, new and endearing characters and focus on exploration teamed up with cooperation mechanics directly appeals fans of all ages, particularly families which include kids who may not have been exposed to Sonic games as heavily as adults. Still, veterans can get much fun from the high-speed stages and the new twist on the typically vertical genre. All in all, it would be the gamer’s choice whether or not Sonic Boom will be the new preferred sonic gaming experience.
If you prefer Sonic kept simple along with his friends for a new fun filled adventure that is family oriented and does not include too much action and focuses more on other genres such as exploration and co-op, then Sonic Boom could be the spin dash you have been looking for. However, should it be the modern high-speed running-jumping-and-leaping that floats your boat then you may be better of replaying some of the earlier Sonic games.
Why not explore both? Groden/Hochberg/Sword go further to argue that the world created in Sonic is so rich that has something for everyone and Sonic Boom captures a colorful new episode that is yet to be lived.

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