The Battle for the Metaverse (Who Wins?)

Beyond the Binary: General steps to acquire the right VR

Deciding whether to go with Meta VR or, Microsoft VR mostly depends on your purpose or need for the VR equipment. Everyone from casual players to avid gamers will have a blast when engaged with Meta owing to having a wide variety of games and social applications. Microsoft VR needs to be considered as many business entities and professionals as it is aimed at the enterprise market and can be easily incorporated into the existing work processes. There is also geography as Meta VR headsets are usually cheaper.

Function Meta VR (Meta Quest) Microsoft VR (Mesh)

Charisma Leisure and Social Interactions Business/Productivity Promotion of enterprise operations, communication, and education.
Hardware Physical devices that are an independent VR headset and do not into along with other components Software that can work with different accessories but is connected to a computer
Content Library VR games and experiences Collection of different VR games and/or experiences Mesh currently has only a few VR applications and was designed as an add-on application.
Easy to set up; not even necessary to have a high end compatible VR headset and a pc
Ease of use Designed for effectively engaging with a common consumer it is developed for the use by the professionals and one has to be a professional to use it.
Social Interaction Profiles and VR social locations for interaction Developed mainly to contain useful means for distant teams.
Fitness Fitness games and workouts that are currently out there There is scarce information on the use of VR in fitness.
Accessibility: Majority of the times cheaper: Required hardware is high end computer and possibly a VR headset
Potential future Expand the size of Metaverse aimed at social and entertainment usage Affect the future of business by integrating Virtual Reality into business procedures

There’s no single “winner”

In this way, to some extent, there is nothing really distinguishing Meta VR and Microsoft VR as far as the type of approaches they use – both of them include very powerful features, but developed to address rather diverse characteristics. Meta can be appreciated by users who browse through what might be called the everyday web because it delivers games and a social experience. The audience here is business and Microsoft aligns with the current predictable business context. Therefore, to be able to make wiser decisions on the choice of the VR platform that would be most useful, one needs to discern his/her needs.

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